Renowned Squad

More player bios incoming soon!


Played since: 2002

Preferred guns: Boblong G6r, CCM 6.5 pump, Empire Resurrection Autococker, Proto Matrix 6

Position(s): Anywhere

Skills: Off the break gunning, Strong Center 50’s, Communication.


The stories we tell ourselves
to thread through this reality

Illusive notions of utility

Cognition’s firing

Ancestral spirits realizing

The irrelevance of truth
in the quest for purity

Understanding as a form of control

Actions flowing from the core

Submission to dominance
to thrust a knife in their throat

Bleed Mud


NXL 2v2 Division 2 Highlights

Launching Humboldt County’s Paintball Team

Vision and Mission Statements

Vision: To form and fund an army of bad ass paintballers by promoting them through our media. Bring outside money into paintball. Compete and participate in all forms of paintball.

Mission: Produce a quarterly newsletter, monthly YouTube videos, and regular Instagram content.
Currently playing in NXL 2v2’s under the name Muddy Bloody and guesting with assorted teams for other tournaments.
Playing Scenario Events under the name Muddy Bloody.