My experiences ordering prints from services

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My experiences ordering prints from services

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I've spent alot of money and way more time and hard work to learn this info. Not sharing it lightly. Please make best use of it.

Going to update this as I find time and stuff develops

Ive gotten quotes from soooo many places. At least 20 quotes. For price and or convenience or other reasons I hope to eventually disclose I ended up using 3dhubs, shapeways, engman-taylor, jawstec, facfox.

3dhubs: Well 3dhubs does most their stuff in house or something now. They used to be a hub for you to find smaller manufacturers. I believe a new website has taken up this niche. Id like to figure out who took their old role of connecting designers with smaller manufacturers and then find some new manufacturers again.

Shapeways: Super expensive. Ugly colors. Great quality parts.

Engman-Taylor: I found these folks from 3dhubs before 3dhubs went all inhouse. I stopped using these folks because jawstec offers colors and emailing for a quote was far less convenient than jawstecs and facfoxes automatic quote system.

JawsTec: Probably my favorite, ordered the most from these guys, prices are great, great colors, post processing options like tumble polishing, quick turn around, easy to get quotes online, large selection of options, easy to work with when I call. Last few orders have had small but notable tolerance/warping issues.

FacFox: China, great quality, only got 2 sls nylon with glass bodies from them so far tho. Great price, super quick, probably will bootleg you on most things.
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