Factory teams:

MBF Fallacy

Our competitive factory team, currently not playing any events and preparing for the 2019 season to compete in events across the west coast in division 4

Muddy Bloody Factory Outliers

Our rec, big game, and scenario team. in order to join, you must schedule an initiation, can happen at any of our outings, where you must play the whole team 1 vs however many are in attendance.


Sponsored teams:

518 Home Grown

A badass group of guys from Vermont and New York.

Outfitted with Jerseys, one of our first designs, Barrel Bags, and Pants.

Local Resistance

An amazing community of players in Southern California.

“The Local Resistance Started in 1986 as a squad of Brothers. We discussed wanting to defend our land against any intruders. Phillip Giustino was Cheyenne/Arapaho and we both agreed the original defenders of this land were the American Indians. You are on one of the oldest paintball teams anywhere in the world! We fight with honor! One shot one kill! Death Before Defeat!”

Outfitted with Jerseys, Headbands, Barrel Bags, and Banners:


Sponsored players:

Brad Potter – East Coast Angel

Tech services for WDP Angel paintball guns and making his very own East Coast Angel edition Angel paintball guns.

Outfitted with Jersey

Liam Davis – Spectre Armaments

Making his own custom HPA powered nerf guns out of Australia.

Outfitted with Jerseys:


Lawson Youmans – Lawl3ssFPV

A former division one ranked paintballer, active drone racer, and golfer.

Outfitted with Jersey, Pants, and Headbands.

June Rangel – Iplaytoslay

Head Referee at Davis paintball.

Outfitted with Headband, Jersey, and Barrel Bags.