Muddy Bloody Factory


Introduction and Webstore Launch

Welcome to Muddy Bloody Factory! Thanks for taking the time to check out the website and blog. It has been a very long time coming. Follow us on social media for news and updates: Facebook, Instagram.

I first got into paintball in 2002, became a referee in 2004, and started Muddy Bloody Factory in 2018.

Playing XPSL Bakersfield 2006
Rodents Strike Back Tournament 2007

Rodents Strike Back Tournament 2007

The name Muddy Bloody came to me in a dream several years ago after watching way too many paintball videos on YouTube, like Heroes For a Day: The XSV Story (2004).

After that dream I started playing under the name Muddy Bloody for my paintball teams. One thing led to another and now I produce a range of gear, media, 2 teams, an affiliate network of sponsored teams and players across the world, events, and play nearly every weekend.

Playing CEPL 2019 as Muddy Bloody Factory Team
Photo by SAR Photography
Same event, off the break.
Photo by SAR Photography

I’ve designed the gear by facilitating custom items for players I sponsor, mixed with making sure to fulfill my own desires. I make stuff that I want. I want stuff by players and for players. I try to stay in constant communication about the items, and it is always a work in progress and improving.

Local Resistance, a pump paintball team, needed rugged jerseys that could hold up to abuse but breath well in the heat.
Photo by Reyna Acosta
Division 2 WCPPL Regime needed highly functional padding and fabric cuts.
I have combined and refined these into my jerseys.

The webstore is being launched with barrel bags, headbands, beanies, and emek/etha2 color kits.
Check back in the near future for more blog posts and waves of item releases; jerseys, pants, podpacks, headwraps, and emek/etha2 bodies.

Thank you again for taking the time to check out my website and this blog!
If you are craving more content, check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Jacob Bloom
Owner/Operator of Muddy Bloody Factory