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What is PBSL?

The Paintball Skills League (PBSL) is a random teams tournament series that tracks individual scores across the season. PBSL started in 2007, and has several chapters in California and one in Florida. Rules vary by chapter, with the general principles being: no cheating, random teams, and skill focused formats.

The original PBSL is now called the PBSL SoCal chapter. Their rules feature pump guns only, hoppers must use tube feed gates for reloads and hold 50 rounds or less. PBSL SoCal also hosts women’s and kids divisions; PBSLW and PBSL Mini.

FPSPaul Interview with the founder of PBSL, Dennis Buat.
Exciting FPSPaul video of PBSL SoCal’s first event this season.

How I found PBSL

I learned about PBSL when I attended an event hosted by the paintball team Local Resistance, at Poso Creek Paintball, June of 2018. The captain of the Local Resistance team is Todd Winokur, and Todd is also the commissioner of the PBSL SoCal chapter.

Picture of my site at the local resistance camp out, where I made the connections that led me to PBSL.

Interview with PBSL SoCal Commissioner Todd Winokur:

Me: How did you find PBSL?
Todd: Dennis started PBSL at the paintball field Field of Fire, when we were all refs there. It started as a way for us to have fun after the park closed. We would wait till the park closed, mix with local dudes, and play a mini tourney. It was a way to hang out with buddies and have a good time. We all put up five bucks, winner took the pot. Random teams from the beginning.

Todd Winokur, Captain of the team Local Resistance, and Commissioner of PBSL SoCal. Photo from a camp out he hosted.

Me: Why do you like PBSL?
Todd: It’s a great way to learn how to play tournament paintball among the best players – old and new, friends and foes. It’s a great way to learn the game, hang out, and meet new people. Due to the random format, one week you are playing with your friend, and next week he is your enemy, where now you’ve learned about him and know how he plays. You learn a lot about how to play the game.

Me: What does PBSL contribute to the paintball scene and community?
Todd: It’s a way to get into tournament paintball without having the one thing that’s the hardest to get, a team. That seems to be the hardest part about really going into playing any larger tournament. You don’t really have any friends to go in and play it. PBSL creates that, you join and get assigned a team. If you want to start playing tournament paintball in the pump community, PBSL is your best bet. Also, we have women’s and kids divisions and I don’t know of anybody else doing that. PBSL brings in new players and kids and women that wouldn’t have been able to get into tournament paintball with out PBSL.

Me: How has PBSL made you a better player?
Todd: Learning every time we play, always trying new things, figuring out what works and what doesn’t, playing events often, and playing with players better than you. We play about once a month; six events for the season, then a few random events, 10-man events, and Christmas stuff.

Me: Does PBSL help players find teams?
Todd: Yup! We have players from lots of professionally run teams that compete in Chosen 4, Furious 3, Kings of Pump, UPL, Bears Cup, WCPPL, all these leagues. I’ve also got guys that play our league, the PBSL Riverside league, and PBSL X – swap around from all three chapters.

Todd (center) and I (left), played as Local Resistance and got 2nd place in the Furious 3 Pump Series, at Hollywood Sports Park on June 29, 2019.

Sponsoring PBSL

Muddy Bloody Factory is honored to sponsor PBSL. Muddy Bloody Factory is producing jerseys, headbands, and barrel bags for the league. Muddy Bloody Factory was the main sponsor for the PBSL NorCal chapter’s first event, providing sleeveless jerseys for the first place team. Muddy Bloody Factory is the main sponsor for the upcoming PBSL SoCal event on August 24, 2019, at Ambush Paintball Park.

Flyer for selling league jerseys.
Jersey prizes for first place at PBSL NorCal, March 9th, 2019, at Davis Paintball.
Flyer for PBSL SoCal Season 14 Event 3, on August 24th, 2019, at Ambush Paintball Park.

Prizes for Event 3

I am working with Kimberlin Mountain Designs, BMC Fabrication, and Nor Cal Pumpers Union for prizes for this event. Stay tuned for my next blog post to check out these collaborations and the amazing small business revolution happening in paintball right now.

Thank you for reading!

Jacob Bloom
Owner/Operator of Muddy Bloody Factory