Muddy Bloody Factory

14 inch Mudstick PE Shaft Barrel Tip Download


Have only tested this for about 2 pods of paint so far, it works great, but is loud!

Print Directions:

FDM optimized to print without supports. Print with the tip side down, thread side up. I prefer fine layers (.12) and slow prints for aesthetic reasons.
You may have to print yourself a reamer (I will get a file for that up eventually) to help clear out some of the stringing pending on how well your printer is working.


Design by yours truly! Threads lifted from BMC Fabrications Planet Eclipse Barrel Muffler File.
Licensed as Creative Commons Attribution. Please give credit and support to me and BMC Fabrication! But use the design however you want, even commercially! If you want to purchase a print of it, please browse my website inventory to see if one is in stock, and if not contact me at
If you are looking for a printer to get started with and print these out, we recommend the Ender 3 Pro!