Muddy Bloody Factory

Red Tiger Stripe Body Eye Covers and Back Cap SET – MJF – Designs by ECAP


Multi Jet Fusion. Dyed red, then Hydro Dipped by Simon’s Hydrographics. Coated once by Simon, once by me. Installed but never used.

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Body made by Multi Jet Fusion in the material Nylon with Glass fill. We have tested these for over a year. The feedneck coating needs to be maintained/redone when worn for best function. Not compatible with pals. Use with metal LV1 feedneck only. Not compatible with stock feedneck.

Simple and sleek as possible. Clean lines that point with the barrel. Function, and form; grace through simplicity.
A functional upgrade from the etha2 and emek stock body. Much slimmer. Also makes bolt accessible by hand.
Designed for us by East Coast Anarchy Productions.

Eye Covers from shapeways, not sure if MJF or SLS, and seem to be Nylon. Style matches the back cap. Says Bleed on one side, Mud on the other, “Bleed Mud”.
Backcap also from shapeways and not sure if MJF or SLS, and seem to be Nylon. Makes your bolt easy to grip and remove. Style that matches the eye covers. Says Muddy Bloody on the back.